10 Unknown Facts About Yo-Yo Honey Singh’s Actress Aparna Nayr

Aparna Nayr, a Dubai-based actress who recently appeared in the blockbuster song “Kanna Vich Waaliyan” by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Hommie Dilliwala, has caught our attention for all the right reasons, but there are many things about her that not many of her fans would know of. Known for her phenomenal looks and top-notch fashion game, here are some of the most interesting and unknown facts about the actress.


Early Childhood

Aparna was born in a small Middle Eastern city called Ras Al Khaimah, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. She went to an Indian high school in her city, before moving to Dubai at the age of 17 to pursue her university degree.


Chartered Accountant by Profession

Aparna was always an academic student, scoring well throughout middle and high school. She held the first rank in all of Ras Al Khaimah when she graduated from high school with a 94.6% aggregate score. She went on to pursue chartered accounting, which she successfully completed.


Sports Background

At the young age of 4, Aparna’s parents signed her up for a Karate class, which she stayed in for almost a decade, by the end of which she had progressed all the way to a brown belt. Later in life, her love for sports got her a captain’s position in her school’s cricket squad and a championship in singles and doubles badminton. She also rode horses in her spare time as a teenager. In her early 20s, her love for physical combat was back, but this time in the form of boxing. The model has posts about her training routine sprinkled throughout her Instagram feed.



As a self-proclaimed food lover who indulges in all sorts of cuisines, Aparna tries to maintain a pescatarian diet throughout the year. Indian food is her favorite. She also has a weakness for Mexican, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, and Turkish food. When she travels, she likes to indulge in the local cuisine, taking a step away from her usual pescatarian diet.


Animal Lover

Aparna currently has 2 dogs. They’re named Zoey and Zeus. They’re both rescues from the local animal shelter. Over the years, she has rescued several dogs and cats and helped them find loving homes.


A Police officer or Flight attendant

Aparna has never had a job outside of modeling and acting, but she always dreamed of being an undercover police officer and a flight attendant when she was young, and she still sometimes dreams about it.


Prefers Stylist

Aparna’s style is quite simple and understated. She loves colors and clean lines. For that reason, she loves working with stylists because they take her out of her comfort zone and put her in things she would normally not pick out for herself, so that’s always fun.


Bike riding

Talking about her hobbies, she enjoys long walks, watching movies with her friends, cooking, bike rides, and trying new workout classes.


A globetrotter

Aparna’s parents have been in the travel and tourism industry for the last 35 years, so she had the luck of traveling all over the world growing up. Once she started modeling, it was then her work that would take her to some of the most beautiful places.



Aparna claims to be spiritual. She believes in a higher power and Karma. Definitely, through these unknown facts, we got to know a bit more about Aparna. Do let us know which fact about the actress you like the most? Report : Jai TV @jaitv