Sherlyn Chopra says, I was in depression when I lost my dad

According to people, 2020 is one of the worst years until now we all have seen it. Many had lost there loved ones from the family due to COVID – 19 and also we have lost many gems from the industry. Till now we have not overcome the huge loss of great personalities like Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, and Wajid Khan and now again this time Bihar ka beta and the superstar of industry Sushant Singh Rajput left us shockingly.


Due to Depression, he committed suicide that one should not do. This is the time where we have to stand together and be strong mentally. In the outer or the inner world of the glamourous film industry, many people face depression for some of the other reasons, when they don’t bear the illness they live with hope and do such things that one should not do.


In the Bollywood Industry, many stars have gone to the situation and seen a phase that no one should ever see in there life. Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra shared her life story, she told how she came into depression and how she overcomes it through that phase. Sherlyn says,”  In early 2005, my dad who was a doctor had died of a cardiac arrest caused due to a severe sunstroke while providing medical aid to the victims of the Tsunami in Andhra Pradesh. I had lost my dad while I was still in college and I didn’t know how to live without a parent.


Over the years, I have realized that one’s sense of self-worth and self-love doesn’t arise from external factors but from the way one communicates with oneself. And so, I gradually started being less critical of myself and more loving and compassionate towards myself. I have realized that the world is not a bad place with bad people but an interesting place with all kinds of people. A broader perspective towards life makes it easier to take life as it comes. A couple of years ago, I started making healthier choices in life by choosing to quit smoking and by choosing to work out regularly so as to build muscle mass as I like to feel and look strong.


Sherlyn Chopra had also understood the life lessons on how to deal with this situations, as she is living alone in Mumbai without her family, she further added,”  There is no human who has never felt hurt, betrayed, rejected, misunderstood, or abused in some way or the other. As human beings, we feel different kinds of emotions depending on the circumstances of our individual lives, and accordingly, we react to the emotions that we feel. To rise above our circumstances, we need to understand that no circumstance or situation is permanent.


When we realize that life actually is 99% mental and just 1% physical, we then open up our minds to infinite possibilities that exist as frequencies and vibrations. Therefore, being happy is more of a mental or inner job rather than physical or exterior. However, we have laid undue emphasis on the exterior, physical, materialistic world, so much so, that it has become very difficult for us to separate ourselves from our titles, labels, status, follower counts, social standing, etc. etc. which do not define us in ways more than one.


She also gave a message through a small example,” when migrant laborers choose to walk barefoot hundreds of kilometers from Mumbai & other cities to their hometowns across different states of India when the front line workers & fighters of COVID-19 choose to work all day and all night to help COVID-19 patients by risking their lives and the lives of their family members when people below the line of poverty choose to face the everyday upheavals of life especially during the ongoing pandemic, then it unequivocally implies that it is our intention that is always greater than the situation at hand.


I personally believe that when we choose faith over fear, we are sending a clear indication of our intention to our minds and to the universe at large that we value and respect life. I humbly request the government to set up multiple hotline services to offer comfort and counseling to vulnerable individuals and to create more awareness than ever before about the significance of mental health.” Sherlyn Chopra said.