Media raves about Divya Agarwal’s Cartel character transformations by Preetisheel Singh D’souza

Compares them with Hrithik Roshan's look transformations

The news media is going ga-ga over the various character transformations of Divya Agarwal for the web series Cartel. Designed by character designer Preetisheel Singh D’souza of Da Makeup Lab, the various looks show the Bigg Boss OTT winner in different stunning avatars.



An article in Desi Martini praises the looks to great heights saying, “The actress seems to have recreated Hrithik Roshan’s Doom 2 shape-shifting success with her role in Cartel.”


It notes that in one of the transformations into an old man, one “can hardly tell it’s her, thanks to the amazing prosthetics, and in another, she’s a cleaning lady, eons away from what she looks like in real life.”


Recently, Divya shared a time-lapse video of her transformation, diligently being done by makeup and prosthetic specialists of Da Makeup Lab which specialises in hair, makeup and prosthetics, having its landmark base in the high-end Versova locality of Mumbai.



Along with the video, the actress penned a long note saying, “This is how I spent my birthday on 4th December 2019, friends and family were waiting for me at home for celebrations and I was just so proud to start Cartel on that day! This was the cast for my prosthetic makeup, took nearly 2 hours with all my senses blocked except for my nose! I was calm, composed and yet my heart was jumping! There were calls flowing in continuously for birthday wishes, I wanted to scream and share this good news but I couldn’t! somewhere I knew my birthday gift was special that year, it was my last birthday celebration with my dad and I told him I’m doing a web series of your favourite genre and he was very happy.”


Divya plays an assassin in the crime thriller which has been released on Alt Balaji. The series has garnered a very high 8.9 out of 10 rating on IMDb.