Jyoti Saxena : human cruelty assumes greater importance than Animal cruelty

Jyoti Saxena is all set for her debut for her upcoming action-comedy Bollywood film after making it big in Tollywood. Jyoti Saxena has recently seen in the hit song “Khoya Hun Main” from which the actress received an amount of love and appreciation from the audience. The actress is an animal lover and very fond of them.


With the increasing cases of violence against animals, Jyoti Saxena showed her concern of rising inhumanity toward animals. Jyoti Saxena said, “Most of the videos which are getting circulated on social media of hitting and throwing stray dogs in rivers are really heart-drenching.  Even if anyone tries to bring about a change, it’s not taken that seriously because human cruelty assumes greater importance”.


She further added, “Social media plays a huge role in making changes, the world is changing more and becoming sensitive towards this topic which is a good sign and we should take steps to tell the consequences of animal cruelty which will surely bring changes in future.”


One of the good things that have just started happening around the world, which is indeed not a huge thing tho, is the people are waking up and are taking huge steps towards animal cruelty by signing off various norms of petition and laws. We can just hope that as humans are free around the world, Animals also receive the same amount of freedom in our country.


The actress is working hard on her character as she will be seen doing an action sequence for which Jyoti Saxena is working out on a regular basis. Jyoti Saxena has many more exciting projects under the pipeline which will be announced soon, stay tuned for more updates on her upcoming projects and on her debut movie as a lead.